Very detailed surface treatment, this is a sturdy replica watches

The Arkadius arrived in a great wooden box in a very elegant brown tone. The case is lined with black velvet, which makes the fake watches stand out even more when you open it. Once opened, we find the instruction manual, a card that indicates the guarantee of the authenticity of the product and reminds us that we have a guarantee of 24 months from the date of purchase.

The instruction manual of this fake watches UK with that cool name, Richtenburg, is very well written. It is perfectly understood since the explanations are concrete and direct in addition to being in 5 languages, which does not always happen ... What is a detail is the certificate of authenticity, it is a little card that being such a cool, it will surely be more difficult to end up perfuming or throwing it without wanting to waste it like other manufacturers!

Our first impression is certainly very positive. The finish is taken care of in detail, it is a solid replica watch but one that at the same time (thanks to its skeleton-style dial) is super special and with a baroque touch.Arkadius pink black IP The color combination is very successful - rose gold and black - we liked it from the start. Also the mechanism that behaves very well and goes on time and no strange noises are perceived. The leather strap of the Arkadius pink black IP deserves special attention. It is a very, very soft strap that makes the replica watches feel very comfortable on the wrist and do not think about taking it off all day!

The Arkadius pink black IP of Richtenburg convinced us without a doubt. We wanted to send you our opinion and tell you why we liked this model so much. What has tilted the balance: its automatic mechanism, the color combination and the fabulous leather strap.

Our absolute recommendation goes for this Arkadius pink black IP from Richtenburg, the only thing that replica watches darkens the valuation a bit is its price that amounts to 1,490 EUR, and surely you will have to tighten your belt to get one.