Have a professional watchmaker check the water resistance of your replica watch about once a year

Through a series of tests, it is possible to check if replica watches waterproof or not. These tests are registered according to DIN 8310. According to the regulations, replica watches waterproof when it passes these tests, being new. However, this is not very helpful for someone who is not familiar with the subject. One must know that, that the pressure exerted during these tests is static, that is, in no way comparable to the natural pressure that exists in the sea, the pool, etc. Here, the pressure supported by the replica Rolex watches comes from all directions, which is a great burden on it. So, whoever thinks they can dive at a depth of 30m with their “water resistant 30m” watch is making a serious mistake. Since in this case, the pressure of 3 bar not only affects the clock but it exists everywhere.

At this point, we would like to give you some tips that you know how to behave with your replica watch in the water:

Before using your replica watch in the water, check that the crown and the buttons are placed in the original position and completely screwed in the case of having this peculiarity. In addition, you should let a specialized watchmaker check the waterproof values ​​of your replica watches approximately once a year. Avoid sudden changes in temperature and prolonged exposure to sunlight as well as blows and falls. If any of these occur, let a specialized watchmaker or even the same manufacturer check the waterproof values.

Avoid, as far as possible, contact with grease, dirt or dust as these could damage it. Clean your wristwatch regularly with a slightly damp soft cloth, but always without soap.

When your watch is submerged under any circumstances manipulate the crown or the push buttons. Saltwater is very harmful to your replica watches, so immediately rinse your replica watch with fresh water as long as it has come into contact with seawater. If your replica watches, even following these indications, has suffered some damage caused by water, go to an authorized establishment as soon as possible or send your watch to a technical service of the house so that it can be solved before it is too late! Here we provide a summary table so you can see what activities you can do according to the characteristics of your replica watch. Please bear in mind that it is only an indicative indication.