How to reduce replica watches costs to increase profits

My first replica watch was a blue Swatch, it was given to me when I turned 12. The truth is that I do not remember much but it was not "water-resistant". For only two weeks I could enjoy my gift, since the fights with water between the friends of the neighborhood were not strange.

Well, whatever it is, this not only happens to the kid but also the elders. I am referring to the impermeability in wrist watches. But how does this phenomenon occur? On my fake watches I put "water resistance 30m". For both my parents and me, that clearly meant that I could dive to a depth of 30 meters! A fatal mistake, as we could see shortly after my birthday .

This false belief has its origin in the mass watchmaking sales that take place through department stores and non-specialized stores. Many large stores today sell wristwatches, on many occasions, without offering proper advice to their customers. This does not have to be because of a bad intention of the sellers but simply their lack of training in the field of replica watches making, it is a very simple rule, to reduce costs to increase profit. And where is it trimmed in the first place? In the staff and their preparation.

But let's return to our main theme, the true meaning of the term „water-resistant 30m“. A very common question, well, here is the explanation:

First of all a comment about the parameters that are used.

The impermeability of the clocks must be represented in atmospheres, that is, in „atm“. Like the "bar" it turns out to be a measure for atmospheric pressure both on and in the water. The "bar" is nothing more than kilograms per square centimeter - that is, it describes the pressure exerted on each square centimeter of a given body. That is, 3 atm supposes a pressure of 3 bar.