Stainless steel bracelet for their own replica watches

Many customers have asked us for instructions to shorten the steel bracelet of their replica watches themselves. Normally we recommend that the bracelets be shortened by an experienced replica watches maker but it is true that whoever is skilled and careful, can also get it yourself.

To shorten a steel bracelet one must make a good observation of the state and the characteristics of it. On the back, the vast majority of adaptable wristbands, we find some arrows, always indicating the direction in which we must push the pin replica watches. You can see it in the following photograph:

Never try to push the pin in the direction opposite to the arrows as this could damage the pin. The pin can be removed in several ways, one, the most indicated is to do it with the help of a tool used by replica watches makers. You can see it in the following photo:

Normally you can get the same result by gently hammering a thick needle with a small rubber hammer. You must be careful not to make the replica watches bracelet by mistake if you slip while you are hammering.

The pin is a kind of clamp with an opening only on one side (see photo). The pin must always be removed from the side of the opening. If it were a bracelet that does not have the arrows that we said before fake watches, you can guide yourself through the opening and hammer always where we do not appreciate opening so that the pin always comes out on the right side.

In this way you can shorten the bracelet to the ideal length. The replica watches makers have a sixth sense to know how many links they have to withdraw but if you are not sure ... you just have to do the test! When the bracelet has the desired length, you must insert the pin back between the links. Important is that we logically enter the end where we do not see opening. The pin must disappear completely in the hole.

If you are shortening a bracelet that has the famous arrows on the back, do not forget to insert the pin in the opposite direction to avoid them.